Behind The Name

Behind The Name

To quote the character, Amy Townsend, played by Amy Schumer in the movie Trainwreck (when addressing the source of female pleasure), “Everything important is up at the top.”

In confessions to the Sex Therapist, most women acknowledge that they have known since childhood that there is a sweet spot somewhere “down there.”

The cultural collaboration to have genitals remain nameless or diminished has been a disservice to women. It is a metaphor for the misunderstanding of female sexuality and female health.

 The collusion of ‘Hiding’ allows for confusion and shame. Using the correct language in its exquisite detail can give validation to women and girls about the power of their bodies. 

There has been some movement in the public vernacular from private parts to using the phrase ‘vjj’, even sometimes vagina.

The vagina is primarily the internal pathway or birth canal.

The vulva is the exterior labia and surrounding surface.

 The clitoris is the source of nerve endings that reach the whole body, including the brain.

Talking about that powerful sweet spot named the Clitoris is not just to address pleasure; it is to free women from Hiding. Using the word is Logic.

By Miriam Baker, PhD, MPH